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Dearest Bloggers,
I have discovered the name of my newest game - it is called the “Amy might have been drunk but let’s not talk about it” game. Amongst that there is also the “Act sober in front of the family game” and the “pretend not to be hungover game”. Needless to say, tonight was  the first night I have ever been drunk in my life, despite being quite close countless times. I made out with, erm, a couple of people, but here’s some advice ladies, just because you want to forget whatshisface, doesn’t mean you should hook up with someone else to try. 

I am full of life lessons, aren’t I??

Though I must say, a high point of the night was spent drinking Jagerbombs and dancing to My Chemical Romance, another rolling around in the sand (I know, it sounds suss) and looking for my friends phone, and upon calling it realizing she had given me her dad’s number instead of hers.

I still may have some amount of alcohol in my system, so let me sleep, and I shall get back to you tomorrow morning.

Overall points to remember from tonight:
  1. I ate whatever I wanted
  2. I drank without caring about calories
  3. I lived
  4. I felt alive and free


P.S Trying to pretend to be sober to your Dutch family friends when in normal circumstances you can barely understand them, is pointless, yet verrrrry difficult.


Hola, my chicas!!

Today I got to thinking about new years resolutions. I usually make some, but never really end up keeping them, because of all the pressure associated with them. This year, I’ve decided instead to write a list of things I want to achieve in 2010, rather than things I have to change.

In 2010, I would like to....
  • Learn Dutch
  • Learn Mandarin
  • Focus on study more
  • Train for and run 4km
  • Save 4,000 dollars +
  • Read the top 25 penguin classics
  • Blog everyday (within reason)
  • Challenge myself at least once each day
  • Get promoted mid year at YABC
  • Apply for and get a second year internship in parliament

The ‘resolution’ about challenging myself refers not just to food, but in all areas of life. As someone once said,  ‘do something each day that scares you’. In order to live a more free life, I vote that we all ‘seize the day’, and do something that scares us. If we try and achieve this, I think we can one day succeed at living ‘free’ of ED, or at least have the strength to challenge it whenever it returns.

My challenge to you, gorgeous girls, is to write your own list. It doesn’t have to be as long as mine, or it can be longer, whatever you want. As long as it’s things that YOU want to achieve, without ED’s interference. I’m calling this my ‘Decade of freedom’ challenge. Cheesy, I know, but when things have a title they sound more realistic ;)

Anyway, I hope you all at least give it a go, and maybe even post yours on your blogs.

Love you all.


So I'm back from Eden. But in about two hours I'm driving up to Lorne with my family.

To tell you the truth, my week with my friend and her family was, well, interesting. They eat so much, and I'm not just saying this. I felt really rude, because they were trying to be so accomodating vegan-wise, but they ate so differently to me. And by the end of my holiday in Eden, I really wanted to get away from my friend. I find it amazing how you find out people's little annoying habits when you stay with them for a period of time, and hers started to get on my nerves.

But anyway, enough of that. I think I'll be taking my laptop with me to Lorne, but it all depends on whether I can get reception.

I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to in Lorne??

Fritz Gelato's bounty flavour gelato. Totally vegan, and totally delicious.

So while my little 6 and 4 year old cousins go to the other ice cream shop and get some rainbow ice cream, you can bet I'll be running down to Fritz ;)

I'll end this post with a random photo my friend took of me in Eden. It seriously doesn't look like me :)




I write this quick blog to let you all know that I won't be posting for about a week - I'm going away with my friend and her family on a holiday to the beach.

:) I'll post when I get back. I'm a bit nervous to tell you the truth, but hopefully it should be fun.




I hope you all have a wonderful day, and get lots of presents from Santa ;)

As I type this it is 11.42pm on December the 24th, and I have just spent the evening home alone cooking (yes cooking!!), wrapping presents and listening to christmas carols. Oh, and being a camera 'ho, as you can see above (yes, the candy canes are in the shape of a heart).

This picture represents what I think Christmas is about. Contrary to popular belief, Christmas is not about food, or social eating. I don't even think it's too much about religion. It's about family, friends, and expressing the love you feel for them 365 days of the year. It's about being yourself, being free, even if something (or someone) tells you that you shouldn't.

I love you all, and I truly don't think I'd be as free or as happy as I am today without you. This sounds like a goodbye message, but don't fret, I'm not leaving you!! On the contrary, I am also using Christmas as an opportunity to celebrate my return to this lovely world, with lovely people :)

P.s  You know you're cool when you have excess sugar cookie batter stuck to the bottom of your feet.



So today, I bought what I think is the BEST T-SHIRT EVER.
As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy it.


As you may know, I'm vegan, so this is perfect for me.

Ignore my penguin pyjama pants.