Decisions, etc.

First off, here's todays eats.
For breakfast, there was the same porridge as the past few days. I really need porridge-inspiration! :)
(and yes, that is my blue nail polish sneaking in there)
Then, for lunch, I had chickpea curry (the easiest meal ever to prepare), with two oat pitas.
For a snack I had an apple, and a banana.
At the moment I'm waiting for my vegetables to steam for dinner, and contemplating my big decision that I made yesterday. On November 18th, I finish year twelve, and high school, forever. I have two months after that before university, and I wanted to become a bit more independent/take a trip before hand. I decided, yesterday, after so much contemplating, that late this year/early next year I am taking a trip to NYC!
I'm really looking forward to it, I have wanted to go to NYC for as long as I can remember, and go to broadway, etc.
:) So that made me happy.
I hope you all have a lovely (rest of the) day, or day, depending on your time zone.


  1. congrats! i hope you get the trip organised in time!

  2. Wow, that's so exciting! You will have a blast!

  3. Wow, what a great trip. It will certainly make a great reward for finishing high school. :)

  4. Thanks for your compliment... I appreciate it :)

    I think the larabars that is avail. here (in Perth) are pistachio, key lime, cinnamon, cherry pie, pecan pie and jocolat chocolate