Okay, so I'm officially in love with the Used's new album, Artwork. It's so pretty. I know that's not exactly the most inspiring adjective, but it is pretty.
My favourite song is 'Kissing You Goodbye'.
Check it.
In other news, I actually went to school today. I didn't end up having the International Studies sac, mainly because my teacher forgot (which was okay with me). So instead I'm doing it in Thursday's class. Extra study time is a definite plus.
Tomorrow I'm probably going to start Oz Vegan MoFo, which is also known as the Vegan month of food. This means I'll post what I've eaten a couple of times a week. Hopefully I eat interesting enough things.
I know it's only 9.20pm, but I'm exhausted, and have to get up early tomorrow to go to the gym before school. I'm off to bed, to listen to Artwork.


Jazz hands.

There I am, hiding behind my penguin mug.
Today was six hours long of yabc, it was a workshop with senior company pm. Too much tapping for my liking, I'm not exactly the best at it, but I've got the 'jazz hands' down.
We learnt basically a whole new dance, and another song today. In the dance I get lifted briefly :)

Tomorrow I have an International Studies sac, and possibly a Literature one but I'm trying to move it to thursday. I like my monday afternoon study times.
There's just too much to do lately, and not enough time in one week to do it. I feel as though my absent days have made me fall too far behind, even though I caught up on all the work.

This week is going to be full.


My eyes are closing.

Why, hello there!
So, it's currently 11pm on a Saturday night, and I'm so exhausted. But I thought I'd still write a blog, because, you know, I'm cool like that.
Excuse my chipped nails, I haven't really had time/been bothered to re paint them. I'll put it on my to do list. And yes, I actually do have one. It's quite long, but it's slowly getting smaller :)
Today I had yabc for three hours, then I basically chilled/did homework until harry potter came on television. Tomorrow I have yabc for six hours, and I have no idea how I will get through it. Sooo much tap.
It's not that I'm bad at tap, it's just that I'm.......really bad at tap. But what can be expected of someone who has never learnt tap in her life?
Oh well, I'm getting okay at faking it. Amongst other things..
Goodnight, Au revoir.  


Berry regret.

I really think I shouldn't have eaten the grapes/strawberries, but oh well.

Now I feel gigantically full, and yes gigantically is a word when I make it up.

I feel like a little round ball, one of those yoga ones that I use in the gym.
On the other hand, I shouldn't feel so bad, because
a) they're fruit
b) I had no snacks at all today

I might actually have a lemon and ginger tea, my third for the day.
I'm seeming to develop quite a lot of addictions, but luckily they are healthy (or so I hope).

Addiction #1 PORRIDGE! Gosh, I seriously love this more than any other food ever.
Addiction #2 Herbal teas. For a while I was into peppermint, but lately lemon and ginger is more appealing.

I actually did have a point to this blog, which I seem to have forgotten.
Tomorrow is my late start day, then I have my night class at 5.45pm.

The only annoying thing is that I don't really have enough time to do anything beforehand, like go home, so I usually end up sitting in Borders and reading for 45 minutes.

Well, I think I will go make my lemon and ginger tea now, then go to the gym at 8.30pm.

:) Night.


Stormy weather.

Well, it was.

Now it seems that Melbourne's sky has decided to be, well, very undecided.

I was going to go on a walk around the Lake, but when I had the chance, the sky was all stormy and the air was windy and wet. I don't know about you, but I don't really like getting all blustery and wet whilst walking.

In other news, good news!
I actually finished most of my homework.
Now I only have one piece of work left for International Studies, well technically two, and a book to finish reading for Literature.

Though I have heard mixed reviews about it, which turned me off it quite a bit, I actually am beginning to enjoy it.


Now I am off to have dinner. Stir-fry, yum.

Yet another.

I actually got nothing done last night.

I know, after promising myself and everything, but that is the way it goes, most often.

So today, I decided that I will wake up, eat breakfast, blog, then start on that pile.

Pinky swear?

I have a list of things to do, in fact.

Media file, questions and extended response for International Studies; chapter and questions for National Politics; a whole book to read for Literature.

I will be quite busy today, I can tell.

And the fact that my laptop charger has decided to keep popping out of my laptop, well that's just an added bonus.

Catch you later, if I don't drown in overdue work.


Mental health day?



This is the lovely pile of study I am greeted by, and have been for the past three days.

"Oh hi there"
It says casually as I walk past the table to make my breakfast.

It teases as I sit down and log in to Facebook.

It's not a nice bunch of papers, I can tell you that much.

Today I took a day off, because I actually was intending on catching up on some work, in particular making that pile smaller.

But instead I woke up, went to the gym, had breakfast, then watched Beverly Hills 90210 season four/read blogs until this very moment, when my mother will be home in ten minutes.

I'm such a great student.

Oh, by the way, here's my pencilcase.