Today, after a quick breakfast I went shopping with my grandma, my auntie and my 5 year old cousin. My grandma needed to buy some last minute things for her birthday party on friday, and I needed to get some shoes to go with my dress for the party. Plus, I really wanted more than anything just to get out of the house.

Above is what I got: a pretty floral skirt, pink shoes, lip tint, and LARA BARS.

What is that, you say, Lara bars?

I was walking past a pharmacy when I saw these, on special, and couldn't resist. They were so much cheaper than they are at the wholefoods shop in the city! I got a Cinnamon roll and Jocolat Chocolate flavour, as well as one I haven't tried yet - Key Lime Pie. I may have one of these tomorrow :)
Edit: tonight I shared half of the jocolat one and half of the key lime pie one with my mum.

So, all in all, I had a good day. No interesting eats to make note of, unfortunately, though I just finished eating some berries and grapes, which I love.


Here's todays eats, and yes, I actually remembered to photograph all my meals today.

Little snack before breakfast was a banana. I'm not usually really hungry until about 9.30am, so when I got up I had this little cutie.

It was tiny!!

My actual breakfast consisted of porridge, with cinnamon and brown sugar. I think I might try it without brown sugar tomorrow. I also need more variety in my breakfasts. Any suggestions for a healthy, yet yummy breakfast for me? Or some oat-inspiration?

For lunch I had two vegie burgers, straight out of the fridge (well I did reheat them first), with a pita and a salad of cherry tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms and baby carrots. Plus some tomato sauce (ketchup).

And dinner was a return to a favourite, chickpea curry. Served, naturally, with a pita.

So that's what I ate today, minus an apple and a handful (or two) of delicious grapes. I spent the day doing International Politics revision, which was hard, because I had to revise the first two outcomes which we did at the beginning of the year. I couldn't remember some of the things!
Anyway, I hope you all had/have a great day.



You wouldn't be expecting it, but....

A MOFO POST. A real, true to life, mofo post.

Except for the fact that I forgot to photograph my breakfast and lunch, this is a vegan mofo post, in the flesh (tech? who knows). What I am about to behold is one of my favourite dishes, something simple, yet delicious, and makes me sound like homer simpson in an "gurhgubrgbgjn...donuts" sort of way. What is this wonderful dish you may ask?

(excuse the bad flash photography)

It is soooo simple. Well I guess for me this time it really was, because I didn't even make it. My grandma did :)
It's basically just boiled/pureed pumpkins, with paprika and cinnamon added on reheating. My one and a half bowls of this went well with cinammon dusted pita bread, just so you know.

I'm in love, with a vegetable. I think it's serious, not just some seasonal fling.
Pumpkin soup is the perfect way to warm up a Melbourne spring evening (all Melburnians will understand how cold a spring evening can be).


Sorry if this triggers or annoys anyone.

I'm honestly struggling.
I feel as though something is wrong with my mind, and like it is controlling me, and I'm tearing myself apart trying to obey both parts of my mind.

One part tried to get me to admit to a problem. I did, but my parents didn't listen, and so the other part won out. The part that says "How could you have a problem, you're not even that skinny. Scratch that, you're fat. None of your clothes look good on you, you need to lose a tonne more weight." How can the rational part of my brain compete? I tried to confess my obsession with control, mostly controlling my eating, but nobody listened, or took it seriously. The messed up part of me agrees with the people, telling me "they don't believe you because you're fat. people with eating disorders are skinny, or bulemic. you are neither of these things." 

Instead of taking joy from people saying how skinny I look, or how I've lost weight, I hate it. It makes me want to scream out loud. It makes me want to say "you think I'm skinny? I'll show you skinny."

I'm losing control, just by being so controlled. If I make one tiny mistake in my 'plan', I feel as though it is the end of the world. It's taking over everything. I barely go out anymore, or I schedule social events to be during times when I don't have to eat. I lie to people. I lie to myself.

I'm sorry to anyone offended by this or triggered, but I don't know how to cope. This is taking everything out of me, and changing me into a different person.
I actually have some food to post here!!
Well, technically it's only one thing, but I had two and a half of them :)
This morning my mum and I went on a walk around the suburb we're living in at the moment. It was really nice temperature wise but the wind was horrible! We left at around 9am, after having a banana to sustain us, and returned at about 11.10am. We went to the market, because we both needed dresses for my grandma's 60th birthday party this friday. I got a beautiful white dress, I will post pictures after I've worn it!

When we got back from our walk, we were both starving, and decided to eat our normal Sunday tradition for breakfast - pancakes. We bought some really yummy blueberries yesterday so we decided to have some blueberry oat pancakes. They were sooooo delicious, but I guess they're technically called brunch, because by the time we ate them it was about 12pm!

They tasted way better than they looked. I had two of these babies, then halved the last one with my mum, who had the same amount.
Yuuuuummmmmmmyyyy is all I have to say about these. If anyone wants my pancake recipe, feel free to ask! They're pretty healthy, and delicious. I'm about to go on another small walk again, to get my mum's dress taken in. Then I might just relax for a bit.


I've decided that I'm sick of guilt.

I'm constantly being made to feel guilty, for the way I am, and the things I do/don't do.
It is actually quite horrible, and I hate it.

Example number one is when I bring my own food out with me, for lunch etc. I do this because it's a) cheaper - I'd rather spend money on clothes than fast food; b) healthier; and c) because I'm vegan, many fast food places don't really cater for me, and there is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere, starving but with nothing to eat.
This is just something I do, beginning from when my mum and I used to take our own snacks to the movies because it was cheaper. But it's still annoying when I'm either at a shopping centre, or out with friends, at a fair, or whatever, and I open my bag and get my lunch out and start eating, and they either look at me as though I've grown another head, or they make me feel idiotic for eating what I eat. So I'm eating a salad, whilst you're eating ice cream. So what? Do I not have the ability or right to make my own choices about what I put in my body? You certainly do, so why can't I exercise those rights? Why would you make a comment like "I can't believe anyone would bring their own lunch here", when you know full well that I will? It's insensitive, and quite mean sometimes in the way people do it.

Another example, and this may sound conceited, but I'm not being conceited, is when people comment on the way I look. As of late, people are constantly calling me "skinny", or commenting on my weight loss, and recently I saw a group of people I hadn't seen in two months, and one girl kept saying how much weight I'd lost. She said it in kind of a nice way, but as I was leaving, I heard her say to her friend: "She's like an anorexic." This really gets to me. How people throw these words around, not knowing/caring about the inflection of them. And the way people say things like this to me is like they're trying to make me feel guilty for having lost weight. Seriously, find yourself something else to care about, because I think I care about the way I look enough for the both of us.

If they don't like the way I am, then why are we friends? Aren't friends meant to be there for you, every step of the way, with caring and understanding?

Sorry about this rant. I promise I will actually post some eats later. About five minutes ago I had porridge with cinnamon and brown sugar, but I'm sure you know what that looks like.
I just needed to get this off my chest, sorry.



This is just a quick post, because in about ten minutes I'm leaving to go to the Melbourne Show!

I'm actually really looking forward to it, and I've already decided what showbags I want to buy. I'm not really a ride person, but I know my friend who I'm going with is, so I'll probably go on a few :)

Today I begun my day with a banana that wasn't ripe enough :( but then had some wonderful cinnamon porridge which made up for it. I have packed my lunch to take with me, no pictures because I have to go get my memory card from my mum's work. I packed a salad wrap, and an apple as a snack. Yum.

And for dinner I'm having pasta, which I shall post later!

Have a great day.



Decisions, etc.

First off, here's todays eats.
For breakfast, there was the same porridge as the past few days. I really need porridge-inspiration! :)
(and yes, that is my blue nail polish sneaking in there)
Then, for lunch, I had chickpea curry (the easiest meal ever to prepare), with two oat pitas.
For a snack I had an apple, and a banana.
At the moment I'm waiting for my vegetables to steam for dinner, and contemplating my big decision that I made yesterday. On November 18th, I finish year twelve, and high school, forever. I have two months after that before university, and I wanted to become a bit more independent/take a trip before hand. I decided, yesterday, after so much contemplating, that late this year/early next year I am taking a trip to NYC!
I'm really looking forward to it, I have wanted to go to NYC for as long as I can remember, and go to broadway, etc.
:) So that made me happy.
I hope you all have a lovely (rest of the) day, or day, depending on your time zone.


It makes me sad that I will never get to try certain flavours of Lara, or any of Clif/Luna.
I was on the Lara bar website, drooling over all the beautiful flavours that I have yet to try, whilst doing some other googling and found out that only Cherry Pie, Cinnamon Roll, Jocolat Chocolate, Pistachio, Key Lime Pie are sold in Australia. 
There go my hopes of trying a banana bread, or a peanut butter cookie!
Farewell, little Lara bar! May we meet again in my dreams.



I'm back!

So, I'm back, with some of today's (and yesterday's) eats.
Starting with last nights dinner, polenta salad sandwichy-thing. I had one more slice of bread than pictured.
Couldn't give enough love to my favourite meal ever, the one, the only PORRIDGE, which I have had in the exact same way for the last two days in a row.
1/2 cup of oats + water
with cinnamon and brown sugar
(I mixed it after this)
And here is today's lunch, which is actually a variation of yesterday's lunch, which was a calzone with canellini bean filling. These were hummus filled mini calzones!

 They were so tiny. The little thing on top that looks like a love heart is actually the letter V, for vegan. My mum put that on so she would know which ones were hers, and which ones were mine (hers had meat in them).
I haven't had dinner yet, but I can tell you I am having a stirfry of vegetables, perhaps with tofu if I can ever figure out how to cook it.
My snacks today were: 1 banana, 1 apple.
:) Love.



This past week, I've barely MOFO'ed.
I'm sorry about this, but it's mainly because I've been embarrassed by how badly I've eaten.
So, starting tomorrow, I will post EVERY MEAL (almost).
This will hopefully get me back on track with healthy eating, because in the last week it kind of went out the window.
I feel sick, and gross.
And horrible, and sad.
Vegan hugs.



Sometimes a small suprise really makes your day.
Today, for example, I had quite a normal day (apart from having a bad stomach bug for two hours).
And then I find out that my omni grandparents/mother want to go out to the local pub/restaurant for dinner. I was more than a little apprehensive about this, because I highly doubted that there would be anything for me to eat, other than maybe a tiny salad. But we went, and when the waitress came I told her that I was vegan. She said she could speak to the chef and see what options there was, and I repeated that I didn't eat meat or dairy, or any other animal products. I felt bad about that, but I've heard stories. She said she understood, then about 5 minutes later came back and said that they could make a spaghetti with steamed vegetables, and that the spaghetti was not made with egg. I ordered it, thinking it might be plain, but at least it was a safe bet.

About half an hour later, when our meals came, I saw this wonderful pile of spaghetti, with all these beautiful cucumbers, beans, asparagus and artichokes! It was so delicious, I kid you not. I was pleasantly suprised, and left with a happy tummy :)
So that, plus some chocolate soy ice cream, is what made my day. Have you ever had a pleasant suprise like this when dealing with an omni restaurant?
Oh, and also! I'm making vegan cupcakes for my grandpa to take sailing this weekend. Any suggestions? I'm making them, not telling him they're vegan until he comes back and tells me how delicious they were!



Okay, so I have a problem..

I'm a snack freak.
I buy snacks, and then try them, and love them.
Too much.
So I finish them off, justifying it to myself because otherwise I'll be tempted by them forever.
Does anyone else do that?
Sorry about my bad MOFOing, I have had no time/camera, because my grandparents are getting their house painted. Their house = my current abode.
I ate so well today, until those tiny animal chocolate biscuits.


Las Vegan.

I don't have any pictures today, because Fridays are my busy "I have time for nothing" days.
Breakfast was porridge, lunch was green salad with chickpeas, but dinner.

Dinner is another story. My mum and I decided to go try out Las Vegan Bakery, which is a vegan restaurant here in Melbourne. I wasn't sure what to expect, but OHMYGOSHILOVEDIT.
I would eat there so often if I lived in Collingwood. I have no photos of the meals, but I ordered the Chilli non-Carne calzone, and mum ordered the Roast potato calzone. We both shared the hand cut organic fries and a salad bowl.
Best meal I have had in a while.
I highly reccommend this place. And welcome to my new followers/readers!


Technically day three.

Today is my second post for mofo, but it's technically the third day of it....
Oh well :)
I actually took a photo of my breakfast.
Porridge, my absolute favourite food.
Lunch was fruit salad.
I found this when I went to a wholefoods shop in the city, and had to try it.
I'm not sure how healthy these are though :/
Dinner was a green salad with chickpeas.
 Send me healthy recipes to try, my pretties!
I swear I've gained about 10kg since I've moved in with my grandparents. It's probably because I haven't gotten into a routine. But I feel like I have now, exercise wise. I do the exercise bike twice a day, for 25 minutes, and sometimes do a little walk up the street. I try to do 100 sit ups.
On a non-food related note, I had two SACs (tests) today. Woahhhhhh.
I don't think I did very well in them, but oh well. They were my second last International Studies and Literature SACs ever!!
I will now sit and await comments.


Hey, mofo.

So, this morning I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast which consisted of porridge (oatmeal) and a banana.
But I actually took a photo of my lunch.
It tasted better than it looked, and you couldn't see the yummy torn up mountain bread I had with it.
It is also the easiest meal to prepare.

Chickpea Curry (amy-style).
 I also took a photo of my dinner, which was 3 mini homemade veggie burgers, two pieces of spelt bread, and some polenta fries.

I'm living with my grandparents at the moment, and finding it really hard to find easy healthy recipes, as I'm trying to keep healthy. Any suggestions?