I hope you all have a wonderful day, and get lots of presents from Santa ;)

As I type this it is 11.42pm on December the 24th, and I have just spent the evening home alone cooking (yes cooking!!), wrapping presents and listening to christmas carols. Oh, and being a camera 'ho, as you can see above (yes, the candy canes are in the shape of a heart).

This picture represents what I think Christmas is about. Contrary to popular belief, Christmas is not about food, or social eating. I don't even think it's too much about religion. It's about family, friends, and expressing the love you feel for them 365 days of the year. It's about being yourself, being free, even if something (or someone) tells you that you shouldn't.

I love you all, and I truly don't think I'd be as free or as happy as I am today without you. This sounds like a goodbye message, but don't fret, I'm not leaving you!! On the contrary, I am also using Christmas as an opportunity to celebrate my return to this lovely world, with lovely people :)

P.s  You know you're cool when you have excess sugar cookie batter stuck to the bottom of your feet.


  1. merry christmas eve dear! you're right its not about food or social eating, its about spending time with those you love.
    enjoy christmas!

  2. merry christmas, darling--
    i think it is pretty cool AND badass to have cookie batter stuck to the bottom of your feet.

    way to go! hehe
    take care, lovin the positivity
    bec xo

  3. Merry Christmas, Amy!
    As I type this, the time clicks over to 6:56am on Christmas Morning. :D

    I hope you have a beautiful day, full of the things you love.

    I'll always be here for you, darling!

    Eleanor. xo

  4. Merry Christmas Amy!! Enjoy this beautiful day!