Okay, so I'm officially in love with the Used's new album, Artwork. It's so pretty. I know that's not exactly the most inspiring adjective, but it is pretty.
My favourite song is 'Kissing You Goodbye'.
Check it.
In other news, I actually went to school today. I didn't end up having the International Studies sac, mainly because my teacher forgot (which was okay with me). So instead I'm doing it in Thursday's class. Extra study time is a definite plus.
Tomorrow I'm probably going to start Oz Vegan MoFo, which is also known as the Vegan month of food. This means I'll post what I've eaten a couple of times a week. Hopefully I eat interesting enough things.
I know it's only 9.20pm, but I'm exhausted, and have to get up early tomorrow to go to the gym before school. I'm off to bed, to listen to Artwork.

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  1. Oh yay, another blogger for OzMoFo :) can't wait to see what you post!