Berry regret.

I really think I shouldn't have eaten the grapes/strawberries, but oh well.

Now I feel gigantically full, and yes gigantically is a word when I make it up.

I feel like a little round ball, one of those yoga ones that I use in the gym.
On the other hand, I shouldn't feel so bad, because
a) they're fruit
b) I had no snacks at all today

I might actually have a lemon and ginger tea, my third for the day.
I'm seeming to develop quite a lot of addictions, but luckily they are healthy (or so I hope).

Addiction #1 PORRIDGE! Gosh, I seriously love this more than any other food ever.
Addiction #2 Herbal teas. For a while I was into peppermint, but lately lemon and ginger is more appealing.

I actually did have a point to this blog, which I seem to have forgotten.
Tomorrow is my late start day, then I have my night class at 5.45pm.

The only annoying thing is that I don't really have enough time to do anything beforehand, like go home, so I usually end up sitting in Borders and reading for 45 minutes.

Well, I think I will go make my lemon and ginger tea now, then go to the gym at 8.30pm.

:) Night.

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