My eyes are closing.

Why, hello there!
So, it's currently 11pm on a Saturday night, and I'm so exhausted. But I thought I'd still write a blog, because, you know, I'm cool like that.
Excuse my chipped nails, I haven't really had time/been bothered to re paint them. I'll put it on my to do list. And yes, I actually do have one. It's quite long, but it's slowly getting smaller :)
Today I had yabc for three hours, then I basically chilled/did homework until harry potter came on television. Tomorrow I have yabc for six hours, and I have no idea how I will get through it. Sooo much tap.
It's not that I'm bad at tap, it's just that I'm.......really bad at tap. But what can be expected of someone who has never learnt tap in her life?
Oh well, I'm getting okay at faking it. Amongst other things..
Goodnight, Au revoir.  

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