I've decided that I'm sick of guilt.

I'm constantly being made to feel guilty, for the way I am, and the things I do/don't do.
It is actually quite horrible, and I hate it.

Example number one is when I bring my own food out with me, for lunch etc. I do this because it's a) cheaper - I'd rather spend money on clothes than fast food; b) healthier; and c) because I'm vegan, many fast food places don't really cater for me, and there is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere, starving but with nothing to eat.
This is just something I do, beginning from when my mum and I used to take our own snacks to the movies because it was cheaper. But it's still annoying when I'm either at a shopping centre, or out with friends, at a fair, or whatever, and I open my bag and get my lunch out and start eating, and they either look at me as though I've grown another head, or they make me feel idiotic for eating what I eat. So I'm eating a salad, whilst you're eating ice cream. So what? Do I not have the ability or right to make my own choices about what I put in my body? You certainly do, so why can't I exercise those rights? Why would you make a comment like "I can't believe anyone would bring their own lunch here", when you know full well that I will? It's insensitive, and quite mean sometimes in the way people do it.

Another example, and this may sound conceited, but I'm not being conceited, is when people comment on the way I look. As of late, people are constantly calling me "skinny", or commenting on my weight loss, and recently I saw a group of people I hadn't seen in two months, and one girl kept saying how much weight I'd lost. She said it in kind of a nice way, but as I was leaving, I heard her say to her friend: "She's like an anorexic." This really gets to me. How people throw these words around, not knowing/caring about the inflection of them. And the way people say things like this to me is like they're trying to make me feel guilty for having lost weight. Seriously, find yourself something else to care about, because I think I care about the way I look enough for the both of us.

If they don't like the way I am, then why are we friends? Aren't friends meant to be there for you, every step of the way, with caring and understanding?

Sorry about this rant. I promise I will actually post some eats later. About five minutes ago I had porridge with cinnamon and brown sugar, but I'm sure you know what that looks like.
I just needed to get this off my chest, sorry.



  1. People can be ridiculous sometimes, and while it doesn't change their suckiness, I expect it has very little to do with you. One thing that I've learned since going vegan is that making ethical choices puts others on the defensive and they either make excuses or get nasty about it. So bringing your own food reminds people that a) they are wasting their money, b) they are eating crap and c) they have to work harder than you will to stay fit and healthy. None of this is your fault, but you're an easy target for releasing frustrations. The more they can make you conform, the less they have to think about their choices!

  2. Exactly what Theresa said! I have had my fair share of 'friends' who constantly felt the need to make comments about the food I was eating and the choices I was making - I can only wonder, like Theresa says, if my veganism made them uncomfortable about their own dietary choices.
    Thankfully the friends I have now are wonderful, supportive and are aware that there is a stash of noms in my handbag most of the time. No one bats an eye now when I pull out a sandwich or a muffin in the middle of the showground.

  3. I'm so sorry about the insensitive comments that your 'friends' made. I couldn't imagine being in your situation. You are right, they should just leave you alone. You don't make comments on what they're eating - so why should they?

    On another note, CONGRATS on your weight loss. But be careful as well though, sometimes it has hard to stop, you before you know it you're slipping into a slippery slope

    Feel better <33333

  4. I agree with the other comments. How sad it is for people to judge others, but unfortunately we are easy targets. I get sick of people ranting and raving about how much I am missing out and how they could NEVER turn vegan because they wouldn't want to miss out! All this after I repeatedly said 'That's ok, I am happy with my choice" I just wanted to say shut the f@@k up! And it was my sister!!!
    Anyway, when we went to the show I packed our lunches, including my friend and her daughter who are not vegan - saved sooooo much money!
    On a side note, I noticed in your blog that you are addicted to porridge! My kids and I love this recipe:

    Makes 2 serves

    1C quick oats
    pinch cinnamon
    1/2C apple sauce
    2T sultanas
    1 1/2C boiling water

    Mix all together and let stand for 5 minutes. Top with banana or blueberry or whatever you like!