I actually have some food to post here!!
Well, technically it's only one thing, but I had two and a half of them :)
This morning my mum and I went on a walk around the suburb we're living in at the moment. It was really nice temperature wise but the wind was horrible! We left at around 9am, after having a banana to sustain us, and returned at about 11.10am. We went to the market, because we both needed dresses for my grandma's 60th birthday party this friday. I got a beautiful white dress, I will post pictures after I've worn it!

When we got back from our walk, we were both starving, and decided to eat our normal Sunday tradition for breakfast - pancakes. We bought some really yummy blueberries yesterday so we decided to have some blueberry oat pancakes. They were sooooo delicious, but I guess they're technically called brunch, because by the time we ate them it was about 12pm!

They tasted way better than they looked. I had two of these babies, then halved the last one with my mum, who had the same amount.
Yuuuuummmmmmmyyyy is all I have to say about these. If anyone wants my pancake recipe, feel free to ask! They're pretty healthy, and delicious. I'm about to go on another small walk again, to get my mum's dress taken in. Then I might just relax for a bit.

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