Las Vegan.

I don't have any pictures today, because Fridays are my busy "I have time for nothing" days.
Breakfast was porridge, lunch was green salad with chickpeas, but dinner.

Dinner is another story. My mum and I decided to go try out Las Vegan Bakery, which is a vegan restaurant here in Melbourne. I wasn't sure what to expect, but OHMYGOSHILOVEDIT.
I would eat there so often if I lived in Collingwood. I have no photos of the meals, but I ordered the Chilli non-Carne calzone, and mum ordered the Roast potato calzone. We both shared the hand cut organic fries and a salad bowl.
Best meal I have had in a while.
I highly reccommend this place. And welcome to my new followers/readers!


  1. Oh I forgot they were open nights! Thanks for reminded me. Yum, their food is delish.

  2. When I visited Melbourne last they were closed :(. Next time!!! It sounds tasty.

  3. I got the same calzone when I was visiting Melbourne last year and it was so good... and the Las Vegan chai was to die for!