You wouldn't be expecting it, but....

A MOFO POST. A real, true to life, mofo post.

Except for the fact that I forgot to photograph my breakfast and lunch, this is a vegan mofo post, in the flesh (tech? who knows). What I am about to behold is one of my favourite dishes, something simple, yet delicious, and makes me sound like homer simpson in an "gurhgubrgbgjn...donuts" sort of way. What is this wonderful dish you may ask?

(excuse the bad flash photography)

It is soooo simple. Well I guess for me this time it really was, because I didn't even make it. My grandma did :)
It's basically just boiled/pureed pumpkins, with paprika and cinnamon added on reheating. My one and a half bowls of this went well with cinammon dusted pita bread, just so you know.

I'm in love, with a vegetable. I think it's serious, not just some seasonal fling.
Pumpkin soup is the perfect way to warm up a Melbourne spring evening (all Melburnians will understand how cold a spring evening can be).


  1. I love pumpkin soup, too!
    My partner likes to boil up pumpkins, kumera and a couple of spuds, then add some coconut milk and fresh coriander at the end. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Pumpkin soup is awesome so I can understand your love. My favourite is pumpkin, kumara and peanut butter soup though...a perfect mix of 3 awesome foods!