Hello there :)

Breakfast this morning was quick and unphotographed, because I had yabc at 9am. Afterwards, I was meant to go to a lecture for International Studies, but I was feeling headachy and tired, so I went home to enjoy a salad for lunch.

Then this snack.

They don't taste too much like strawberries, they smell delicious though. And of course, sultanas are always yummy, and this packet is so cute!!

For dinner, I tried something new, and kind of just experimented a bit. I had bulghur, with some curry spice and nutritional yeast. There was also some cherry tomatoes on the side.
Note to self: bulghur is yummy. This will definetly be making a reappearance.

I'm all full now, and I'm so exhausted. It's not even that late yet!! I still haven't been to the gym today, so I might let my dinner digest for a bit and then do that. Oh my goodness it's so freezing here. Melbourne weather is so unpredictable. And my grandparents refuse to turn the heater on. I'm almost shivering!! :(

Oh well, I think I'll go read some blogs now. Love you all.

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  1. Melbourne is silly hey 4 seasons in a day is the saying right??

    I had strawberry sultanas just the other day for the first time and loved them my mum could not taste the difference but a sultana lover like me could