No photos again today, sorry. I have misplaced my camera, hopefully I find it when I'm packing!! There's a few things I need to find.

I had some fruit and carrots for breakfast, followed by a lovely lunch of porridge. I love having porridge for lunch, because, well I love porridge in general, and I feel like having it at lunch gives me more time to enjoy it.


The audition went okay last night, my voice cracked on some of the top notes of the scales, but other than that I think I did okay. I can't remember when I'm supposed to find out whether I got in or not, I think it's within the next week or so. 90 people auditioned apparently, and there are 45 spots. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!!

It's so warm today, it's about 28 degrees and so beautiful!! Really unusual for Melbourne weather, because our weather is usually so unpredictable, but mostly cold/stormy/windy/rainy. Today is just nice and sunny and bright, it's so nice.

I'm about to go watch some Veronica Mars. Have a good afternoon!!


  1. i have to agree with you the weather in just great at the moment, yah for dresses and not 5 billion layers.

    My fingers are crossed for you but if you get in it has nothing to do with our finger crossing but for your talent simple as that. i wish you all the best

  2. hey lovie :)
    i am so proud of you for having the english muffin, i know this isnt that post, but i never got to comment! :)! you are so amazing, and i love you! so inspiring, i also need to challenge myself to an english muffin :)