So, I'm eighteen.


Yesterday was quite a relaxing day, I watched gossip girl, went out for coffee with my mum during her lunch break, went out for dinner with my mum and my grandparents, and then went out for a cocktail with my mum. All in all an enjoyable day, but it went a bit too fast :(

I think I definetly started the day off right:

Everyone was at work, so I sang happy birthday to myself :P

Today I went to the doctors, for a checkup. Tomorrow I'm getting blood tests, and this week I have to keep a food diary for my doctor, so they can see what might be affecting my stomach. Hopefully it all clears up.

On another note, I'm still lying here, watching gossip girl. I might go out and get some fresh air later on in the afternoon, but for now I'm quite content to watch television and read blogs, and relax the day away.

After all, we only get one life, don't we?
We must live it to the fullest.


  1. happy birthday beautiful i hope your day bought you joy and happiness

  2. Happy 18th! :) I adore your birthday bowl. I'm glad you relaxed and enjoyed the simple pleasures in life. Sometimes I have to remind myself of exactly what you said: we have ONE life-- why waste it on anything less than enjoyable?