Today was my last day of being seventeen.

I wasn't feeling too well this morning, still, but remembering the lovely Eliza's challenge, I still enjoyed a (late) breakfast.

English muffin with fruits of the forest jam.

It was great, and I think I enjoyed it even more knowing that I was challenging myself.

This afternoon/tonight my auntie, uncle and my two young cousins came over to celebrate my birthday. We had a bbq for dinner, and I had some vegie sausages and salad. I also enjoyed some of my birthday cake, even though my tummy was still unhappy. I figured, it's my birthday, I should just do it. I'm really excited for tomorrow, I got one of my presents tonight, from my uncle and auntie, which was season two and the beginning of season three of gossip girl. Can you guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? :P I still have yet to recieve the other present from them, and I will be opening that and my other presents tomorrow night when I go out for dinner with my grandparents and my mum.

I'll leave you with this photo, taken tonight of my 5-year old cousin and I.



  1. thats such a cute shot!
    YAY for challenges! We're very very awesome! haha

  2. yum i love my English muffins

    Oh and a big happy birthday for today and lots of hugs and kisses

    birthday cake= even better so congrats on allowing your self to celebrate this lovely occasion

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Well done on your challenges you brave girl you! You are amazingly strong! Keep it up and have a gorgeous day! x