Today was quite uneventful. I don't even have any photos (sorry)!!

This morning I had an early breakfast, because today was a Friday (one of my full days, like Tuesday). I got to school just in time for a Philosophy SAC, the last Philosophy one ever!! I feel like I did okay on it, considering I didn't really understand the texts we were analyzing, I wrote 3 and a bit pages.

Next I had Literature, which was a bit of a yawn (as always). I feel like year 12 Literature has sucked my love of books from me. It's quite boring at the moment, but I only have three more classes of it left forever!!
 At lunchtime I didn't do much. Well I spent basically the whole time on the phone with my mum, because she had to fix something with my university application. Then I went and bought Lara bars to send to Lucy <3

After lunch I had Media, which was alright. We were revising for a SAC that's on Tuesday. My Media teacher makes me laugh, he kept coming in (he was back and forth between the classroom and the computer lab where some of the other students were) and singing tv theme songs, making us guess what the song was from. It was hilarious!!

After school I caught up with a few of my yabc (musical theatre) friends, from the group I got promoted from mid year. I miss them, but the group is so different now, I much prefer mine. Speaking of which, I have my first class back for the term tomorrow morning at 9am.

Sorry about such a boring post, my day was really not very exciting at all!!


  1. i don't find your posts to ever be boring, i was so excited to find you had just made a post (i get easily excited) and i promise it did not disappoint.

    i love Philosophy and media, i am doing them next year (year 11) and hope to do them in year 12 as well. They are both very enjoyable.

    i hope all goes well with your university application and all works out as you dream it to

  2. I don't find this boring. Sometimes it's great to get a non picture post because sometimes to much focus is paid to the pictures and not enough to the words.

    You're so lucky to do Media. I'd love to do that.

  3. your post are never boring girlie! I think taking philosophy would be really funn! I bet its an interesting class!

  4. Not exciting? Make of a day what you will :) Excitement's all in the head.

    I know what you mean about lit classes "sucking the fun" out of reading. I always have a zillion books I'd like to read, but during the school year I almost never read them because after spending so many hours reading for school, it's nice to do something else!