What a lovely way to start the morning, a pink lady apple with cinnamon on top. And a morning snack of a berry fruit leather.

Today was my last day of high school, and it was a bit bizarre. I got to school earlier than usual, during my free period, because I had to do a Media sac and hand in some Literature work in order to pass. I had made a plan with my Media teacher to do the sac, and I had told him that I'd meet him at his office during my free period. I got to school, went to his office, waited ten twenty minutes, and then figured that he wasn't showing up. Freaking out just a little bit, I went and gave in my Literature work, and then decided to go into the city to buy shoes for tomorrow to go with my costume.

Lunch was cold oats with blueberries. Each bite tasted like blueberry muffin. I wish they were warm oats, but I really wanted them for lunch. I didn't use the fork by the way, that was waiting to be put into my lunchbox. :)

On my way back to school, I bought a larabar for my mum, and decided to try out a new bar for me. I didn't manage to get a good picture of the wrapper today, but because I only ate half of it, I'll take a picture tomorrow. It was blueberry muffin crunch flavour, and it tasted like cookie dough, almost. It was a bit more processed tasting than a larabar, but still good. The other half of my afternoon snack was carrots.

I don't know why I felt the need to show you what carrots look like. :)
Dinner, which shall be consumed soon, is a beetroot salad. In my wiggles lunchbox.

I'm so glad to be finished with high school, you have no idea. I did manage to pass media, by the way. My media teacher said he will just use the results from one of my practice sacs.Tomorrow is muck up day, and I shall reveal my costume to you afterwards. Then I have a week of studying/my birthday week, then exams start. I'm feeling pretty confident, I just think I need to manage my anxiety a bit better so that things that have happened in some sacs this year don't happen in exams.

Have a nice morning/afternoon/night!!


  1. loving the wiggles lunch box :) so cute!
    Sorry I haven't commented before! my computer doesn't seem to want to let me comment! Silly thing!

  2. Congrats on escaping high school ;) Some people love it; some people don't. I was one of the ones who didn't love high school.

    Cold oats to go! That's always fun :D Congrats on passing your classes!

  3. blueberries are one of the BEST berries to add into oats. Not too sweet/tart but just the right amount of deliciousness.