This morning I had some banana bread for breakfast. It was delicious.
Lunch was fruit salad, unphotographed.

Today the weather was so nice, apart from the wind. I was boiling when I got home, so I had a mango sorbet.

It's so so so so good and it cooled me right down.
Dinner was unphotographed, it was mash pumpkin and falafel. I always have a way of coming up with weird food combinations.

(As of tomorrow)
1 day left of high school (thursday is my last day).
5 days until my eighteenth birthday.
29 days until the end of exams.

Have a nice night.


  1. For some reason my college library computer wouldn't let me comment....
    Anyways good luck in your exams and your last day of school!
    Happy early birthday :D

  2. Yum mango sorbet, i got that the other day you seriously scare me as you always feature things i have just tried.

    Yummy yummy yummy