Buenos noches, my lovies.

Today I ended up going my grandma's in the morning with mum, it was a little awkward but I feel so relieved that I don't live there anymore. Anyway, we went there basically just to pick up our fridge stuff that we had left there, plus some other stuff, and we ended up staying for a cup of coffee (well mum had one). After that we went to the Radical Grocery Store, and bought some groceries (of course) :P

Parmazano vegan parmesan shaker, Vans Wheat free Apple Cinnamon Waffles, and Blueberry, pomegranate and red grape herbal tea.

I can't wait to try the waffles, I actually haven't had waffles since I was in Belgium in 2007, when my family friend's husband, who is Belgian, made us some. They were so good. I've actually been craving waffles lately, so it felt good listening to my craving and buying these. It was a hard choice between these and the blueberry ones, I can tell you that much!!

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment, and I'll be getting the results from the blood tests I had last week. I hope everything is normal, because I don't want to have to get more tests. :|

At the supermarket tonight when we were returning a dvd, I bought a cute new exercise book.

Yes, I am five years old. But so what?? ;D

Well, I'm off to watch Gilmore Girls now with mum, I'll chat with you lovely girls tomorrow.


  1. i am 5 years old at heart too, we should have a play date or something :) have the best day

  2. Hate blood tests. The docs always have trouble locating my veins. i still remember once they had to draw blood from my GROIN because the arm veins were too fine. Hope your results are okay!

    Cute exercise book! Who says it's wrong to relive childhood days? ;)

  3. Those apple cinnamon waffles sound so yummy :) It's great that you are trying to listen to your cravings and giving your body what it needs. Good luck with your exams. I have an art history exam today and umm... yeah I should be studying right now :P

    P.S. Haha love the title you gave me!