It's only 4.15pm and already I want to go to bed!! I'm so tired, and it's not as though I've even done anything today, except study. Boooorrrring. But I really need to, because my first exam is on Thursday. Literature, by the way. Blah. I'm really hating it at the moment, it's pretty much killed my love of books. Analyzing them is definetly not as fun as just reading them for myself.

What did I have for lunch today?? I'll bet you can guess .

Of course, and it was yummy, as per usual. I don't know if I've ever shown you guys properly, but here is my favourite bowl.

All gone!!

I tried one of the cookies I won yesterday, so good. And I also had a bit of the molasses liquorice from the hamper. My afternoon snack ended up being a pink lady apple. Apples are always good.

Tonight my night will probably consist of an easy dinner, followed by hours of gilmore girls with my mum :) Then back to studying tomorrow. I might be going to the Radical Grocery Store as well, which is an organic/vegan grocery store that I've never been to, but I got a 15% off voucher yesterday that is only for tomorrow, so hopefully I can convince mum to drive me there!!

Have a good afternoon/day.

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  1. i wanted to do literature but they did not get enough interest for next year, maybe its good i am not though, i have been lucky and i have loved all the books we have done in school so far, but i wouldn't like to kill my love for books by being pressured by them :P

    Your bowl is very cute, i have a cute Tinkerbell one like that and a Disney princess because i am cool like that