Haha I love using Australian slang. Considering nobody I know ever uses it, it's awesome.
How are we all today?? I'm pretty good, just taking a study break, I only have one more area of study to take notes on, and then I'll probably just read over all my notes again. The funniest part is that this is the most I've written in this exercise book all year. But that's mainly because my teacher wasn't very sucked, and barely gave us any notes, or any help at all. So I'm winging it, thanks to the textbook (which funnily enough, is written by my teacher, and isn't helping that much), and some notes for the subject I found online - thank you internet!!

Look at all the pretty tabs in my textbook. There was one colour for each area of study, and there's four areas of study. you can't really see them all properly, but they're tabbed in yellow, orange, pink and green ;) The areas of study are: Washington and Canberra, Continuity and Change, Public Policy, and Contemporary Australian Foreign Policy. Fun, right?? Excuse my horrible handwriting.

I'm currently in the state library, which was nice and quiet until these two guys sat next to me. They're speaking quite loudly, do they not know it's a library?! Gosh. Haha, I'm so critical sometimes, sorry about that. It's just not the best atmosphere when you're trying to memorize aspects of Australian Foreign Policy.

No eats to post today, because my breakfast was eaten on the tram, and my lunch was sneakily eaten in here about five minutes ago. Dinner's hard to photograph, because I usually eat with mum. Oh, in response to Neela, the book I was talking about is called Stasiland, and it's by Anna Funder. Even though I hated most of the books I studied for Literature, this one was actually quite good, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to maybe learn more about the German Democratic Republic. Listen to me, all nerdy like!! You ladies only come here for the eats, not my marvellous intelligence :P

My exam for National Politics is at 3pm, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). So synchronize your watches, and think of me at that time?? ;)
I'll probably get a post in tomorrow before I leave, because I try not to study too much on the day of the exam, it stresses me out.

Have a good day <3


  1. Shock, horror, you ate in a Library!
    Hahaha, sneaky.

    I wish you all the best for your exams - I promise I'll be thinking of you!
    Release your inner nerd, and ACE that exam.

    My love goes out to you.
    Don't sweat yourself too much about it - you'll do as best as you can and that's all anyone can ask for.
    And if your teacher tries to make you feel like a failure, just show him the text book he's written and the very little notes he gave you? Maybe that'll shut him up a little. ;)

    Have a good day!

    Eleanor. xo

  2. omg i love that you are australian so much :) i love how the internet allowed me to "meet" you! good luck on your test.
    & not going to lie, when i read that you just ate lunch i was so confused because it is 10PM here and i'm getting ready for bed! time differences are totally over my head.
    good luck on the exam, the notes look good i think you've got it :)

  3. I do love your intelligence ;)

    Anything with the word "policy" sounds frightening. Please, keep it away from me :P

    ACE THAT EXAM! chyahhhhhhhhh!

  4. i wondering you still doing your exams well if you are all my love and luck it being sent not that you need my luck but we all need love i guess :).

  5. I love tabbing books and I take it really seriously, like so it looks perfect :P

  6. good luck for the exam mate ;)

  7. I am totally with you on the Australian Slang. Original language rocks... and so does Australia! :) Gahh, I wish I could escape over there right now. A vacation is much needed.

    You ate in a library? Goodness, Amy, you sneaky snake. I love your rebelliousness... and your intelligence. It is enchanting :p

    Good luck on your exam. You will be in my thoughts