Good Morning.

Last night, mum and I went for a late night walk up to the supermarket, because she wanted some ice cream, and ended up coming back with more than just that ;)

Here's two of the things we got; Sultana Oat Crisp Cereal, and Coconut + Pink Guava icypoles.

When we got back, we watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist.

I needed to buy some cold cereal, because it's getting too hot over here for oats everyday (I know, sadness!!). It's going to be a challenge eating cereal, but I've decided that on my exam days I will have porridge, just because I know it holds me over well for long periods, and I need that when I'm doing exams. But after that, sayonara oats (for now at least)!! :( What will oats and bows be without ze oats?? At least my cereal has oat clusters :P See, I bet you knew I couldn't leave oats behind completely.

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment, which my mum made this morning, for a few reasons. Last night, when I was in bed, my chest was hurting quite a bit, and I was finding it hard to breathe. I wasn't sure whether it was because of exam anxiety or something like that, but I couldn't get to sleep for ages, because I was so scared. Eventually I woke my mum up, and she came and lay next to me, talking to me until we both fell asleep. I woke up at about 6am, and have only had around five hours, but I can't go back to sleep!! Anyway, another reason for the appointment is that earlier this morning, when mum had already left for work, I walked into the kitchen to get my water bottle out of the freezer (yes, it is that hot here), and as I paused in the doorway, I had to hold on to it with both hands. You see, I always get dizziness in the summer, I have all my life, but lately I find that whenever I stand up I get super dizzy. I've kind of gotten used to it, but this time I freaked out, because as I said, I had to hold on to the door with both hands, and everything went black, and I almost blacked out. :S So mum thought it was probably best to see the doctor tomorrow.

If you've gotten through all of that, you're a superstar. I'm a bit nervous for my exam this afternoon, but I'm trying not to think about it, seeing as I know this will be my worst subject, as long as I pass, it's okay.

Have a nice rest of the day, girls.


  1. aww feel better love and all the best for that doctor's appointment. isn't is amazing how our body tell us when too much is going on?

  2. doctor's appointment, good idea, smart mama.
    good luck on the exam, your best is enough, you're going to do great.
    hope everything gets figured out dear.
    (ps-congrats on the cereal, looks great)

  3. All the best for that doctor's appointment.
    It's probably good to just get a check up every now and then, anyway. The heat can really do things to you!

    Good luck with your exam - believe in yourself and you'll ace it.

    Good on you for getting another cereal! I did that about 2 weeks ago and I'm glad I did. Uncle Toby's make yuuuummy cereal. :D


  4. omigosh! I KNOW! Australia is getting far to hot for oaties!
    Time for cereal, I was actually devastated!
    a video post from you would make my day ;)

    I wanna see that movie so bad, looks cute!
    I'm def putting together one tomorrow!

  5. i agree its way to hot for oats so its back to yogurt messes for me but i love them both so its all good. i still have oats just not cooked cause i am cool like that :)

    Coconut + Pink Guava icypoles??? where did you get those my sweetie, they look like my kind of icy pole.

    all the best for the doctor but i shall also give you my "expert" idea, lots of water and food to keep your energy up. the weather is still a killer for me but compared to last year its a relief

  6. I know!! But heh, I don't care, I'm still gonna have my morning oats - at least for now :] Maybe we should try overnight oats - cold n creamy, perfect for summer mornings!

    OMG, Smooze coconut ice bars looks so freaking good. I want! Hopefully they will hit WA soon :( Are they expensive? My favourite ice cream at the moment is Bulla milky pops :)

    All the best with the doc's appointment. Take care of yourself hun :]

  7. I wish you all the best at your doctor's appointment, and on your exam :) Try not to feel too overwhelmed with everything happening at once. It will all be over before you know it!

    Ps.. im FREEZING here as it's Canada's bitter cold winter coming so I am incredibly jealous.. hehe


  8. I hope all goes well with the Doctor hun. Look after yourself and don't get too stressed over the exams. One of my friends reminded me that it's more important to ace life than the exams so keep that in mind. x) Still, GOOD LUCK!!

    Ooh and your bars should arrive in your mailbox within the next week!! Something to look forward to!


  9. hey, glad i found another aussie! check out my blog if u can :)
    i sometimes get dizzy spells too, mine's from low blood pressure, have you had that checked?