Hello there.

Yesterday was major, even though I only did one thing: Literature exam. It was so stressful, but I actually managed to walk out of there feeling okay about it.

Here was my pre-exam brain food:

And of course, the exam booklet, which I got to take home.

After my exam, mum took me to go see 'The Time Traveller's Wife'. It was really good, they stuck to the book pretty well, and it was so sad, but I already knew that it would be, because I read the book recently for the first time. I really reccommend this movie, go see it!!

Today I'm just having a day off, no studying, I will probably go and check the mail at our PO Box later, we'll see how everything goes.

Oh and by the way, go check out the fabulous giveaway Haylee is having!! It's so good, and open to everyone!! Check it out by clicking Haylee's name.

Have a great day, lovies!!


  1. hi :) just found your blog and i <3 it. i really want to see time travelers wife! im glad you liked it :) have a great night!

  2. I still have not seen that movie!! I am dying too though - it seems like a great movie :D

  3. Congrats on your exam :)
    ... jealous of the movie :P I havn't been to the theatre in ages. Note to self: check movie listings.

  4. hey amy!
    thank you stopping by my blog! aww i hate exams! glad you got through this one well
    have a good weekend

  5. NEVER had pb&j??? Its def not AS good as on on its own but its still a classic!! That needs to change :)

  6. amy!
    thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog, i am back home now and trying to recover with some hot tea and chcolates in front of the TV. hihi!
    its lovely to meet you sweetie

  7. yah for no studying and a nice break, you deserve it.

  8. I'm glad the exam is over with. It's always wonderful to walk away from them, feeling FREEEEEEE!