Good afternoon, lovies.

Yesterday I had my end of semester assessments at yabc. This meant we each had to perform part of one of our numbers individually, in front of the rest of the class (which is about 60 people) as well as the dance and music teachers. I have had really bad blocked ears lately, and when I get this I can't hear myself sing properly. Guess what decided to happen on Saturday?? :/ Luckily it was only one ear, and I explained it to the teacher well before hand, but apparently I was good anyway, so hopefully I get promoted at the end of the year.

This morning mum and I went to the Camberwell Market, just for a look around. We bought some second hand clothes, and then ventured through Camberwell, shopping. I bought a couple of things:

Pop-up penguin advent calendar (I love penguins).

Itunes card, CLEO magazine.

Handmade scrabble tile necklace.

I loved all my purchases.

We had lunch at the market, I got a falafel wrap and sweet potato wedges, and we had some sorbet afterwards. I felt okay about these decisions at the time, but I feel sick and full and bloated at the moment, and ED is going crazy in my head to restrict, restrict tomorrow. I'm trying not to listen but the voice is so loud right now. I feel ill :(
I know this sounds weird, but one of my main triggers at the moment is actually my mum. She skips meals all the time, or when I buy something out, which is really hard for me, she tells me we will share it, but then has none. I end up eating it all and feeling horrible, while she doesn't eat anything. I can't seem to be able to tell her how this is affecting me, but it is.

Anyways, sorry about that. I hope you all have a great day. I'm spending the rest of this super hot afternoon lying on my bed, reading my magazine and watching dvds. Love you.


  1. I hope your performance went well - I've no doubt you blew them away.

    Maybe you should mention it to your mum; if you don't say anything, it's not going to get any better.
    As much as parents like to think they're super, they're not mind readers.
    You'd be surprised at how much better it'll make you feel to get it off your chest.

    Sunday afternoons were made to be spent reading magazines and watching DVDs.

    Eleanor. x

  2. My god, is Australia on fire or something? I'm boiling, I've gone through THAT many diet cokes!

    Eleanor is right, talk to your Mum, she probably doesn't even realize it, well I'd hope not!

  3. i am so hot at the moment too. i feel on fire.

    camberwell market, is the best thing ever in my mind i go there like once every few months and always come back with hands full of cool new treasures.

    i say good on you, your choices of food would be considered extremely healthy by a "normal" person. ed is just messing with you. i am very proud of you though.

    as for the freeze dried apples, i found them in the dried fruit area of coles they cost about $1 a packet and came is apple, pear and banana and strawberry. i did not enjoy pear much though

  4. Ooo, your calander just reminds me of Christmas! Jingle bells, jingle bells.....haha

    I can totally understand what you said about your mum being a trigger. Sometimes my mum will praise me for eating certain kinds of food, or when I finish a whole plate of rice or smth and then she'll go like "Well Done!" But it kind of irritates me and makes me NOT want to eat anymore.

    I guess what your mum does is not intentional; just ED trying to fool around. I think the point is to stop comparing what we eat to others. I mean we should ENJOY what we WANT to eat, and not let others affect our moods.

    It's getting rainy here is singapore...monsoon season is approaching :(

  5. I am utterly jealous of that scrabble tile necklace!! As a scrabble addict, that seems unreal!!