Only a short post today, because my Philosophy books are staring at me.

Today I had waffles for lunch.

And some of this.

Note to self: possibly drink less diet coke/coke zero??
It's weird, ED loves and hates this stuff. Loves it because it fills me up, and the calories, hates it because he thinks it will make me fat because of the chemicals and such. Blah.

I had yabc this morning again, seriously tiring. All I really want to do right now is sleep, but I have to study. It wasn't just physically tiring, but emotionally as well. One of the girls there has really been annoying me lately, for various reasons, and today one of the other girls, who is also a friend of mine, said to me during break "are you actually going to eat??" Not everyone was eating, and I prefer to wait for my lunch which was in 30 mins. But her comment upset me. That and she also said "Gain some weight, I don't like being able to feel people's bones." Err, okay, sure. :S It made me feel self conscious for the rest of the class.

Anyway, study time now lovies.


  1. yumm waffles :) yummy fruit, yummy blueberry yogurt...i think just guessing now.

    I have a huge fear of diet soda to tell the truth, i drunk it a lot during ed but for me alot meant like 2 times a week. I would have drunk it more but i did not like feeling full.

    but since going into recovery its like anything that unnecessary is off limits, its like an enjoyment thing i think, but i will challenge it promise :)

    That must have been horrible i hate people bringing up stuff like that, but i am sure she had the best intentions.

  2. Her comments may not necessarily have been intentionally to hurt you - it was not her place to say those things to you regardless of the situation, though.
    But forget about her! It's not worth the trouble of worrying about; you have much better things to occupy your mind with! Like, unfortunately, study.
    I hope that goes well for you!

    And I hope you are doing well.

    Al my love,

  3. I have the same addiction to diet coke, ergh! but I just love it haha

    I had the same sort of comment, I was no longer allowed to get changed in front of one particular girl because, she didn't like seeing a biofram baby, hoooorrible!

  4. Ouch. That hurts. I'm sorry you had to encounter such hurtful comments but I guess that's how others perceive us? It reveals the the ugly truth.

    I'm not a fan of soda, because I read how a tooth can placed in coke can decay in like 2 weeks? I wanna protect my teeth!

    All the best studying!

  5. that waffle looks great.
    ugh i totally understand what you are going through with other people making ignorant comments. i went on a quick trip this weekend and i got a lot of that and it made me really uncomfortable...i think the best thing to do is just ignore it and be stronger than the words.
    xoxo get some rest :)

  6. Wtf, that person is weird. Do they have no cognizance of appropriate social behavior? You don't just go around insulting people or making them feel uncomfortable... Rude :/

    Whatevuh. RISE ABOVE! :) &your waffle look soo good ;-;

    P.S. Thanks for fixing the video, it was fun to watch 'cause you're so cute!

  7. You and I have the same relationship with cokes and diet sodas. I am always horrified that the chemicals will make me blow up, but that is so irrational. Diet soda will not make us fat! But the chemicals really arent very good for us, but it has nothing to do with weight. I try to remind myself of that... and I never use them to fill up any more. I try not to make ED happy!

    Wow, that is so rude of that girl. Pay no mind to foolish comments like that, and take care of yourself.

  8. Sometimes you just really gotta ignore people, or just smile at them - it'll make the situation a lot brighter, and maybe she'll soon realize that you don't need to care what she thinks. Just be yourself, do what YOU want to do, and be happy for yourself :) I hope you have a great Sunday, and best of luck studying!

  9. Some people are just totally insensitive and ignorant. But remember that she may not understand the situation you are going through especially since many people don't quite know the complexities of ED and merely reduce it to a matter of vanity. Don't take it to heart though because the problem is in no way yours, but hers. The main thing is for you to believe in yourself and to know that others do not define the gorgeous person that you are - not now, and not when you are healthy!

    Study hard. Exams will be over before you know it! Take care Amy!!


  10. well her momma didn't raise her quite right, now did she?!

    I'm sorry my love.
    people are ridiculous.
    when people try to trip you, all you can do is fall gracefully, dust yourself off and keep your head up.

    p.s. yay to waffles! :) yum.

    have a wonderful day
    <3 Katrina