I hope you guys liked the video post, it only took me a million years to figure out how to do it ;)
Next time I'll probably (hopefully) be on my baby, and I won't look like a ghost/goth!!

This morning I had yabc, and it was so hot, it was so horrible dancing in the un-airconditioned hall!! Lucky I love it, because I was tempted not to go today. I have another rehearsal tomorrow. After yabc mum and I went out to lunch at an Indian restaurant. At many points ED was telling me all kinds of things about how I would blow up like a balloon etc. etc., but you know what I said in reply?? F-off, ED, don't ruin this for me. I just did 3 hours of dancing, so just go stuff yourself in a mushroom. Yes I did say mushroom. :P

The other day I got an email from yabc with an attachment about the 2010 Adelaide tour. It turns out that while we’re in Adelaide we won’t only be performing at the Fringe Festival, but also in various schools around Adelaide!! I wish I knew which ones. Anyway, I also found out which places we will be performing at in Melbourne in January. I get free tickets, so if any of you girls are from Melbourne and want to see me perform (with about 40 other people); let me know which venue you want to come to!! Here are the dates and venues:

Saturday 30th January – Substation Arts Centre, Newport.
Sunday 31st January – Frankston Arts Centre
Saturday 6th February – Coburg Town Hall
Sunday 7th February – The Castle, Dandenong and Berwick Secondary College
Saturday 13th February – Maroondah Secondary College (Croydon)
Sunday 14th February – Cromwell Road Theatre, South Yarra

As I said, let me know so I can hook you up!! ;)
Oh, and don’t you Adelaide ladies fret – I’ll be in Adelaide from the 8th of March until the 14th of March. Hopefully soon I find out which schools we’ll be performing at, it would be awesome if it was any of yours!!

And I forgot to answer jibbalibba’s question from the other day: I got my smooze icy poles from Coles, they’re in the section with all the ice cream toppings and cones. They were really good, by the way.

I'm off to study for media. Sorry, I haven't commented many blogs today, but that's because I just got home and I really need to study. I'll catch up on my commenting soon.



  1. i would love to see you preform :) that would be the coolest little trip ever, i may have to find out where those places are first to choose the one easiest to get to but to watch you preform would be a honor.

    and thanks for answering my questions i really need to stock up with some of those, these days have been killer hot, expect today today had been nice :)

  2. I would love to see you perform, too! :)
    Oh, I would love it so much. Like jibbalibba, I haven't much of a clue where the venues are, but I'll be sure to find out!
    I might make the trip down just to see you!

    Where abouts in Adelaide are you performing? Maybe I could go there! Hah, I'm right in the middle of Adelaide and Melbourne.

    Good for you, shoving ED into a mushroom.
    He does deserve much worse, though! A rotten mushroom?

    I'm very proud of you. :)


  3. Pleeeeeease come to my school! I'd be so proud! I'd be like 'She's amazing! hehe' I hope you do so much,
    argh! all my aussie girls are in melbourne, I know its only like two-three hours away but it still seems so far!


  4. if only i was in australia :)
    yay for telling Ed to shove it.