Dearest Bloggers,
I have discovered the name of my newest game - it is called the “Amy might have been drunk but let’s not talk about it” game. Amongst that there is also the “Act sober in front of the family game” and the “pretend not to be hungover game”. Needless to say, tonight was  the first night I have ever been drunk in my life, despite being quite close countless times. I made out with, erm, a couple of people, but here’s some advice ladies, just because you want to forget whatshisface, doesn’t mean you should hook up with someone else to try. 

I am full of life lessons, aren’t I??

Though I must say, a high point of the night was spent drinking Jagerbombs and dancing to My Chemical Romance, another rolling around in the sand (I know, it sounds suss) and looking for my friends phone, and upon calling it realizing she had given me her dad’s number instead of hers.

I still may have some amount of alcohol in my system, so let me sleep, and I shall get back to you tomorrow morning.

Overall points to remember from tonight:
  1. I ate whatever I wanted
  2. I drank without caring about calories
  3. I lived
  4. I felt alive and free


P.S Trying to pretend to be sober to your Dutch family friends when in normal circumstances you can barely understand them, is pointless, yet verrrrry difficult.


  1. Oh, Amy!
    You rascal, hahaha.

    Althouh under the influence of alcohol, I am so glad you were able to feel free, and you were able to live.
    This experience of yours is a valuable lesson (I wont lecture you, because being lectured while hungover isn't fun ;)), because it's shown you that it IS possible to be free of ED. Take that with you!

    I love you, Amy.


  2. I'm so glad you got a taste at what freedom from ED is like! Alcohol definitely has that affect on me as well :P

    Haha I giggled at the thought of you trying to act sober :)