Hola, my chicas!!

Today I got to thinking about new years resolutions. I usually make some, but never really end up keeping them, because of all the pressure associated with them. This year, I’ve decided instead to write a list of things I want to achieve in 2010, rather than things I have to change.

In 2010, I would like to....
  • Learn Dutch
  • Learn Mandarin
  • Focus on study more
  • Train for and run 4km
  • Save 4,000 dollars +
  • Read the top 25 penguin classics
  • Blog everyday (within reason)
  • Challenge myself at least once each day
  • Get promoted mid year at YABC
  • Apply for and get a second year internship in parliament

The ‘resolution’ about challenging myself refers not just to food, but in all areas of life. As someone once said,  ‘do something each day that scares you’. In order to live a more free life, I vote that we all ‘seize the day’, and do something that scares us. If we try and achieve this, I think we can one day succeed at living ‘free’ of ED, or at least have the strength to challenge it whenever it returns.

My challenge to you, gorgeous girls, is to write your own list. It doesn’t have to be as long as mine, or it can be longer, whatever you want. As long as it’s things that YOU want to achieve, without ED’s interference. I’m calling this my ‘Decade of freedom’ challenge. Cheesy, I know, but when things have a title they sound more realistic ;)

Anyway, I hope you all at least give it a go, and maybe even post yours on your blogs.

Love you all.

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