This past week, I've barely MOFO'ed.
I'm sorry about this, but it's mainly because I've been embarrassed by how badly I've eaten.
So, starting tomorrow, I will post EVERY MEAL (almost).
This will hopefully get me back on track with healthy eating, because in the last week it kind of went out the window.
I feel sick, and gross.
And horrible, and sad.
Vegan hugs.


  1. Sometimes junk hits the spot. Don't be embarrassed or upset with yourself. You ate food. That's not a moral failing. You are an awesome person and what you eat does not affect that. Our society puts weird values on food, eating and personal worth, especially for teenage women. Please don't beat yourself up over something in the past, which can't be changed. (((hugs)))

    I look forward to seeing what you write this week.

  2. Junk does hit the spot - I choose to ignore the food pyramid when I'm deep in the study quagmire! I can't be more eloquent than BrisVegan. I also add hugs - many many vegan hugs!

  3. hope you're feeling better and are up to more posting - i just found your blog! x

  4. thank you amy for the comment on my blog! :) ur so sweet.
    great that u will post ur daily eats. i know this past year when i posted each meal and snack etc...it helped me stay on track in my recovery.
    hoep u feel better lovie.
    lots of love