The birthday countdown continues..

14 days.

Today was a pretty normal day, I had my monday class (International Studies), then went home and had an easy lunch. Later on in the afternoon I went for a walk up to the supermarket to get some things for my grandma, and returned an hour (!) later. I just get caught up in supermarkets, they soothe me so much....wow I'm weird. I came home and put on part of my dinner, because this part usually takes a while. I had decided on having pumpkin fries, with apple cinnamon puree/sauce. The portion I cut up seemed big enough when I measured it/put it in the oven, but I forgot one important thing: when you put pumpkins/sweet potatoes in the oven, they shrink!!


Oh well, they still tasted yum, with sprinklings of cinnamon and paprika over the top.
I also had some cherry tomatoes and capsicum on the side.

When I went down to the gym an hour after dinner, I was happily doing my sudoku on the exercise bike when another lady came in. This gym isn't an actual gym by the way, it's the gym in my grandparent's apartment building. For some reason, I get really intimidated when there's other people in the gym. And I wanted to do my sit ups afterwards, but I hate doing them in front of people, so I stayed on the bike an extra 20 minutes!! I guess it was good, extra exercise, but the lady kept staring at me and freaking me out.

Anyway, I have a Media SAC tomorrow morning first up, so I should really study.. I always find it hard to get up on tuesday mornings, and fit in everything, breakfast, etc. Oats take too long, but nothing fills me up like they do.


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  1. are you sure your dinner is big enough i am sorry i don't want to sound judging but i do worry easily and to me it does not look like enough but you know you way better than i know you. i am sorry i just care.

    i love supermarkets too, so many things...i just love it me and my mum wandering though the supermarkets=strange hobby but its a hobby neither less