I'm about to go play the Sims 3, but before I do....

This will just be a short post, because I'm really tired and all I feel like doing is playing the Sims.

Next Friday is my last day of year 12, and we have a day called "muck up day" where we have to dress up. The theme this year is "favourite movie character". I'm completely blank for this, I have no idea what/who to dress up as?

Any ideas??

I'll be forever grateful!!

Good night


  1. OOOooh! I love muck up day! Well, used to. Hehe. We used to go for the usual 'fairy' thing and my friends and I dressed up as the Flintstones once (I was Pebbles!) and as a 'gang' of Mafia. I think you should go as Wonderwoman because you're strong, you're powerful and you're beautiful! x) But of course, only if she's you're favourite. Just have fun with it love!


  2. muck up day is crazy at our school we all get egged by year 12s they go just a little to crazy.

    umm ideas...tinkerbell :) or maybe peter pan okay i am stumped i will see if i can get back to you if i have more ideas

  3. If I had to dress up as my favourite movie character, I would probably go with Margot Tenenbaum, from The Royal Tenenbaums--awesome 70s dresses and black eye makeup. Or, anyone from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou--blue trackies and a red hat!

    Enjoy your last day of school, and congrats on the photography award!