Breakfast this morning was the usual - Porridge with cinnamon and brown sugar. You may see that this bowl is different than my usual blue bowls, last week I bought a cute hello kitty bowl from safeway.
I've been meaning to try a new breakfast, but I don't know, porridge is so safe to me, and it keeps me full, so I don't really want to try anything else. I want to try a recipe for apples in porridge that I recieved in a comment, but I haven't got sultanas yet, so I can't do that yet. Yesterday I bought some cloves, and today I bought mixed spice, so I might try these tomorrow in my porridge, sans sugar.

Tonight, mum and I walked up to Passion Foods, where I have never been before. It's really nice, and I saw a lot of things I would've liked to look at, but we didn't have much time. We ended up buying some coconut bite things, and some apple cinnamon puree/sauce. I'll put photos of them up tomorrow, because my grandparents and mum are currently in the room and look at me weirdly when I photograph my food.

Today was the first day of the last term of school. My last term of school, ever!! I'm so excited, because I really just want it to be over. It's getting so monotonous, and it's making me a bit stressed as well. Bring on exams, so I can just get them over with!!

Anyway, I have a sac tomorrow for Philosophy, which I haven't studied for, so I should go do that now.

Have a great day



  1. Heyy, I can't find where to send you a message, but could you send me your facebook so we can chat more? :)
    Thanks for your comment on my last post, it made me feel better xXx

  2. Never feelodd for taking food photos. I whip my camera out any place, any time. And I also refuse to let anyone touch any food until all photos have been taken. Hee. ;)