I'm feeling better today.
Last night I went a bit crazy, so forgive me?

This morning I woke up and forgot that it was daylight savings, and my phone hadn't changed time. So instead of being 8.30am, it was actually 9.30am. I got up, went to the gym. I came back early because I felt sick. I felt as though I couldn't stomach anything, but forced myself to eat a banana because mum and I were about to go on a walk. I'm glad I did, because we got back at 11.30am.

For brunch I had blueberry pancakes, and they were delicious. My afternoon snack whilst watching Veronica Mars was half an orange. Yummm. I'm starting to get back into them, after ages of not getting them for some reason. I think they're rivalling apples for my love :)

I'm not sure what I'll have for dinner yet, but I'm thinking maybe chickpea curry again. I love it, plus we don't have much else in the house at the moment. It's only 3pm, so my craving may change.

I just wanted to thank you guys for your comments, and thank some of you for inspiring me to nourish myself, and enjoy life. Most of my inspiration in the past few days has come from these two lovelies, Maya and Eliza, so I want to thank them both :)

Have a great day.


  1. i love oranges but i tend to over do my self with them...mix it up :P

  2. :) thank you lovie i am so happy M and i are inspiring to you, reading that made my morning and put such a big smile on my face. you are so sweet, i love you girly.

    your eats sound so lovely, i love chickpea curry, i love anything with curry, my favorite spice :) and orange so good, i have been eating oranges as well first picked some up because i had a cold and they are so full of vitamin c, but now i have just been eating them because i forgot how good they were :) made a sauce for my dinner with the juice from one and almond butter for on brown rice with tofu and veggies, it was so delicious!


  3. I read your last post, so I'm glad you're feeling a bit more like yourself today. I have had those same moments (wishing I'd stop eating something with unknown calories, seeing myself as bigger than I actually am, shying away from physical comments), so I know they are hard to deal with. But you survived them and you're carrying on, and what's important to recognize they were irrational thoughts, thoughts from ED not from the real Amy, and that you can rise above them :)

  4. I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better. :)

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Blueberry pancakes sound delicious.