This morning I had 1/2 cup of oats cooked in water, with mixed spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice). It was yum, I love spices. I've started questioning how much oats I put in, how much do you guys put in??

I had a full day at school today, and at recess I had a small banana. I had a really long philosophy class, in which I thought I was going to have a SAC, but it turned out I wrote the date down wrong, and it is actually on Friday. That made my day a bit better.

Lunch was soooo good. In my new lunchbox I had strawberries, and one of my apple cinnamon purees. It was my first time trying these, and I have to tell you, so so so so good. The cinnamon ratio was perfect, and the apples were yum. Who would've guessed that these were from the 'baby food' section?

Oh, here's a picture of my lunchbox. Ain't it cute?

And here's one of the things I bought yesterday: Coconut-Rice Bites, and Apple Cinnamon purees.

Well, season one of Sabrina calls.
Love you all.


  1. awww i do love your lunch box mine is kung fu panda..i got it at the reject shop but it is very cute and fitting as it says "A real warrior never quits" very inspiring the first time i ate my lunch at school

  2. love your lunch box...i have a lunch sac that is shaped like a binny, i love it :)
    those coconut rice bites sound so good, love coconut anything...just got these raw gingersnap cookies that are just coconut and seeds and dates in little crispy gingersnap cookie shapes, they are amaazinggg!

    xo love you girly.

  3. Haha your lunch box > mine. Coconut rice bites?? Perfect for school recess ;)

  4. Hey Amy!

    Your lunch box is so adorable! Meaks meal times something to look forward to huh?! =) I bring a bento to Uni sometimes and although it's not what most people here are used to, it makes my lunch time more exciting!

    Keep up on the great eats hun! You are GORGEOUS!!

    Nat (nattietan.wordpress.com)