Continuing with the 'oats for lunch' tradition.

Oh, and here's a mid morning snack.

After lunch I was still feeling a bit hungry, so I decided to treat myself, and have one of the Sweet William chocolates my mum put in my birthday goodie bag. It was only tiny, but it was still good to know that I was challenging myself, and challenging ED, even by just eating this tiny little vegan chocolate.

Plus it was yummy.

Other than that, blog reading, and sipping on copious amounts of ginger tea, I haven't been up to much today. My friend and I were meant to go to the beach, seeing as the weather was forecast to be 28 degrees, but it was raining and grey this morning so we decided to do it another time. I have to write a list of the food mum and I need to take with us to our 'in transit' house, because we have bought many things whilst living here, that only we (well basically I) eat.

I've already prepared dinner for tonight, because with my chickpea curry I have noticed that it tastes even better than usual if you leave it for a few hours, because the spices really sink in.

Love you, have a great day :)


  1. Yeah! Curry tastes better a day later. Yum~
    I'm having oats for dinner...it's that kind of day! ;-)

  2. Thanks for finding me!!
    Chickpea curry sounds fantastic! Did you come up with it yourself or use a recipe?!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Yay to you kicking ED's butt!

  4. Chocolate :p!
    Your mom is so sweet!

    And I have tons of ginger tea too. In chinese medicine, it has been proven to keeps your body warm.

    Happy halloween!

  5. Well done on the chocolate! A little step is still a step in the right direction! Keep it up hun. I'm sure things will keep getting better and better! xx

  6. Im such a sucker for curry.. your salad sounds amazing! Care to reveal the ingredients :P ? Congrats on indulging in your chocolate.. size definately doesn't matter here, it looks soo good and shows so much strength!

  7. Way to fight the douchebag ED and eat a happy piece of chocolate :) That's what birthdays are for ;)

    I love that you ate oats for lunch. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. you totally got me into the whole oats for lunch thing :D love it!