Hello, my lovies.
I have to tell you I've had an activity-filled weekend.

Yesterday, for starters, mum and I moved out of my grandparent's house (finally), and into our short term accomodation. All I can say is, thank goodness. I really think it was fundamental to my sanity that we leave that house, and I'm not joking. I feel so free now, as though I can finally focus on myself without worrying what other people will say about it. My mum is so supportive right now, and she said that she will eat exactly what I eat from now on, if it will help me to get better.

Last night, my cousin took me out for my first ever night of nightclubbing. It was....interesting to say the least, but definetly heaps of fun, and I really enjoyed myself. We got picked up by quite a few guys, two who looked 30ish (ew!!) and all of whom were drunk. My cousin hooked up with a guy, it was hilarious. I really loved the outfit I wore, it was my favourite lace neck top, with shorts and pretty tights underneath. I'll post photos some other time.

This morning, after getting home at 2am, I woke up at about 9am, had breakfast, and then got ready for the day's activities: number one, World Vegan Day. It was held at a place called Abbortsford Convent, and the place was so beautiful, I will post a phone picture that I took at another time, it was gorgeous. I entered a raffle when I got there, not really expecting to win anything, but I did!! I won a hamper filled with vegan goodies :) It had Orgran products, Eco Silk bags, vouchers, carob bars, sweet william samples and vegan pet food (which I'm going to give to my friend, seeing as how I don't have any pets).

Orgran goodies.

You can bet I'll be trying these.

World Vegan Day was awesome, I loved looking (and even trying) the different foods and everything around. I also bought an environmental bag, and a sticker sheet of animal rights stickers that are so adorable.

My favourite is the lifesaver pig one :) Sorry, the photo is a bit dark.

I had a great day, which ended with the best thing - I bought myself a Macbook Pro!!
About two months ago, my Oma gave me some money, and I didn't think I deserved anything, so I didn't even cash in the cheque. Well today, I went to the Mac store and I bought what I've wanted for years. It's so cute and perfect for me, I love it. :)

Well I'm off to watch 17 Again with my mum now. Goodnight!!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration darling =) Im feeling much better after some rest and a long chat with mama :P, but there's something different about it when you know that someone out there truly understands!
    Congrats on the move.. you must feel as if a huge weight has been taken off of your shoulders! btw.. Im EXTREMELY jealous of your vegan adventures.. hehe. No, Im not a vegan but I would have loved to browse all the wonderful natural products :P Your a lucky lady!

  2. Wowee! Love the new macbook:)

    Glad the move out has made you feel better...for the best, I guess?

    Take care, sweetie!

  3. thanks for your kind words sweetie, they mean alot to me.

    you deserved to win, i am happy for you, you deserve to win everything in the world if it helps you to realize how great you really are