My porridge has been very thick and fluffy lately. I love it. I'm still sticking with my usual combo of brown sugar, cinnamon and mixed spice, but I'm thinking of trying some cocoa powder in them this weekend. Has anyone else tried this?

Last night I was in a bit of a mood because there was no oats left!! Well, why not try something else for breakfast you say? I'm reluctant to give up my favourite food, and it always leaves me feeling happy and satisfied. My grandma drove me to the supermarket last night on her way to squash, but they had NO OATS?!?!? What kind of supermarket would have run out of oats?

Luckily, my grandmother is lovely, and even though her work is a ten minute walk away, this morning before she left, she drove me to another supermarket where I found my beloved oats. Then she drove me back home so I could go to the gym and continue my day as usual!

After she left, I spent the morning reading blogs, and watching some television. Mid-morning I had a lovely snack of an apple.

And here's some of my lunch. I always pack my lunch in my wiggles lunchbox, then remember I'm eating at home!! It's a habit with me on Thursdays.

I'm currently enjoying some sultanas. Dinner will be quick and light, because after a bit of my evening class I have to go to my school's art show opening because I won an award for my media photography!! I recieved a phone call last night from my principal, who wanted to tell me the news (when I heard her voice on my answering machine I thought I was in trouble!). I hate getting up in front of everyone, but it will be good to see my work on display (if not a little embarrassing).
Oh well!!
Have a nice afternoon/night.


  1. yummy lunch, i always eat sultannas i have them at least one a day they are just top cool to not have

  2. i am so proud of you for the media photography award...you must be so talented! i want to see your work lovie! :D!
    oats hehe i would be in a bit of a mood too if i ran out lol, our beloved oats are so yummy i agree, cant break away from them, so comforting and satisfying and so warming for the cold mornings here in NY.

    love you loads girly xx

  3. Congrats on the photography award! I too would looove to see your work.

    Nothing is better than fluffy oats :)

    Much love
    <3 karina