I'm sorry about the quality/sound delay/etc. of this video, I was using my lame webcam on this laptop. I'll be able to post better ones once I can use my Macbook. I get so awkward and shy on camera :\

Anyway, I had my new cereal for breakfast this morning. It was pretty good, well scratch that, it was delicious :) I kind of forgot to take a photo before I ate it though so here's what it looked like towards the end:

Delicioooous. Look at all them oat clusters ;) My only problem was that I only got two sultanas in my serve!! Mum told me that they all went near the bottom of the packet. Naughty 'tanas :P

I really should study at some point today, I have a mountain of media and philosophy books waiting for me. No, seriously, a MOUNTAIN. But after the exam yesterday, I need a bit of a chill out session. Oh, the exam!! I kind of winged it (wung it?) through the exam yesterday, I left one of the essay questions, but all I need to do with this subject is pass, so it's all good. No stress (well there was a bit yesterday, but shh).

I'm actually at my grandparent's house today, because the doctor I went to is down the road from their house, plus they're in Cairns at the moment so they won't know haha. The doctor's appointment went okay, they think my chest pains are anxiety so they prescribed some anti-depressant/anxiety pill things, and I basically had to get weighed etc. again. He wants me to come see me once a week now, instead of in a month like we originally planned. He also told me I need to limit my water intake (but but....I love H20) and drink gatorade type drinks (blech). One thing that weirded me out was that he told me to do exercise that makes me really sweat, like full on exercise?? Uh, does he not see me at the moment?? :\

Well, I hope you all have a great day, I know I always say this, but seriously I love you all.
Ich liebe dich <3


  1. Boo, I can't see the video :/ but I do love that you said "wung" XD ugh that's the best thing I've ever heard of.

    I'm not sure why he suggested to do hardcore cardio? Seems kind of counterintuitive...

    Relax a little before you do more work :)

  2. yay for no stress & cereal! hmph i can't see the video either...

    have a great day :)

  3. ich liebe dich auch :D
    yay german!!!
    you're aussi accent is so adorable love!!
    have a good start to the weekend and get some rest before getting on with your work you poor thing


    I'm just as camera shy - but don't worry, we all love you and I'm sure we all did a consecutive "awwwww" after watching it. :)

    My doctor told me the same thing, only a week ago! And my dietitian told me the exact opposite.. So I have no idea who to follow.
    A "happy medium", I think.

    Well done on your exam, I know you aced it.

    Eleanor. xo

  5. i definitely awed you are very very cute, lovely video.

    your doctor sounds crazy, sure he may have some good ideas such as weighing you once a week (sorry to say i agree but if you are feeling dizzy its proberley the best thing) but really limiting your water :O it sounds horrid.

  6. yayayayayayayayay I loved that post, I'm about to put mine together as we speak...or...as I type :)

  7. Hey hun! No worries about the bars. Concentrate on your exams first! x) I'm relieved to hear the the chest pains are probably due to anxiety. *hugs* Don't get too stressed up alright?

    Loving the aussie-ness!!

    Have a beautiful day ahead gorgeous!!